ZIP-U Celebrates 50th Anniv. w/ S&S - 06/27/2008

Zip-U was honored to be part of the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Working with them to build a pewter award medallion and easel for each of the fifty builders competing for the $50,000 first prize.  (Two were built for each bike – one for the builder and one to remain with the bike as a part of its competitive history.)  The front of the award included a detailed casting of one of the six different engine series used and a special VIN number engraved to match the engine the builder used as the heart of their creation.  The back displayed the S&S 50th Anniversary logo, as well as LaCrosse, Wisconsin at the top and the dates June 27 – 29 at the bottom.  The medallion then stood on top of an easel with the S&S lemon logo cast on it.

All medallions were crafted with pewter and are 3 inches in diameter and weigh 6.5 ounces.  See the pictures below.

Zip-U Display at S&S 50th Anniversary


S&S 145ci Built by Pat Matters


Jesse and Richard


Rick Fairless Built Bike


 Evolution Medallion


Panhead Medallion


Shovelhead Medallion


Sportster Medallion


Twincam Medallion


X-Wedge Medallion


Back of Medallions


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